``The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.``
How do we get our photos?
Following your awesome day you’ll receive all of the final edited images in a private online gallery. From there, you’ll be able to view, share the link with whoever you’d like, download and use the files for printing as you wish. (Don’t worry - we also offer professional quality prints, albums and wall art too.) Your gallery will contain every single great image. What you won’t get? The bad ones. What’s a bad photo, you ask? Test shots where we check our lighting, blurry shots, un-flattering facial expressions, mid-blinking images. You know - the ones you don’t want anyway!
We love you and want you - now what?
You’ve officially accepted us as your third wheel for your wedding day - We are HONORED! Once you choose your custom package, we’ll sign an agreement (super fancy, we know). Next, you’ll place a 30% retainer down and we’ll pencil you in our calendar and do a little happy dance. Can you picture it?
Let’s talk money - what’s it gonna cost us?
Our packages begin at $1800. Since every couple and every wedding is super unique to each other, that’s exactly what our offerings are too. We’ll figure out what YOU need, how we can help you and choose a package together. It’s super helpful to be detailed about your budget and needs/wants on your inquiry form so we can make dreams come true!
We aren’t getting married locally - can we pack you in our suitcase?
We bring lots of fancy camera equipment with me. So - while we do not think we would fit in your suitcase, ours is always packed and ready to go! So far, the furthest our camera bag has gone is Rome, Italy and the closest - the local courthouse. Just count us in, ok?!
How long do you make us wait before seeing our soon to be favorite photos ever?!
We pinky promise, solemnly swear to send you your images within 14 days. Nooooo joke. We gotchu! Here’s what happens.. we take awesome photos, you go enjoy your post wedding days as officially married people and before you know it, you’ll have all your images to share with friends/family and prepare those thank you cards QUICKLY!
My fiance and/or myself HATES getting our photos taken. Help?
We vow to make this FUN. We totally get it. Trust us.. there’s a reason we are on THIS side of the camera, ya know? Our approach to photos is guided, not posed. Why yes - we will prepare every detail - down to that one stubborn fly away hair or misaligned bow tie BUT once you’re right where we want you, we guide my couples to display organic interactions with each other instead of stiff posing and repetitive images. If you’re more of a “see it to believe it” type person - this is the perfect reason to schedule an engagement session and let me ease your expectations and prove how effortless your portraits will be on the big day.