Documenting your moments today to relive for a lifetime

You could hire JUST a photographer, but  W H Y would you?

We are not just your photographers… We will we be the check in on how wedding planning is doing photographer, day of event timeline checker, and family member wrangler. “Hey you…get over here!” 

We become part of your family, we secretly shed tears behind our cameras as your read your vows, or dance your first dance.  We are photographers because we L O V E  what we do and it gives us such pleasure and honor to have that talent and ability to freeze your best moments in portrait form so you may re-live them for decades to come.

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Awards & Badges
  • Did you know I’ve spent the past 2 months of quarantine teaching a “photography challenge for kids” zoom class? I’m on my 4th round now and some kids have stuck with me for all the rounds! So, I’ve got to refresh the content each week for them. •
Today, was Week 1 of Round 4! I always give the kids a welcome challenge when they sign up so they can introduce themselves to the “class”. I asked them to send me their favorite photo!
9 of the 15 kids sent me a photo they took of their newborn photos hanging in their home! Could you believe that?! Not a picture of their favorite toy, or a flower... their own baby photo! What if you didn’t do newborn photos?! As a new parent, I know the expense is often questioned. Or maybe you had them done - but you never printed them?? I just had to share this - 8-12 years later - your child could be on a photography challenge wondering where the cute photos of THEM as a child are!
Through these times, we’ve had to get creative. This photo here? We created this through FACETIME for @minmel85 and her family! Even a pandemic can’t stop her from capturing her baby’s first days! 🥰

#newbornphotography #newmom #babyboy #rocklandphotographer #nyphotographer #facetimephotoshoot #socialdistancing
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my mom 💜
Thinking of all you moms I’ve had the pleasure of photographing too! •
Photo edited with “sun kissed” from the SMM mobile editing presets. Link in bio! Use code “SMILE” for $5 off 🙂
  • Social distancing driveway dinners with neighbors are the new thing to look forward. Please keep the sun coming for our sanity! ☀️
Homemade #cincodemayo leftovers.. enchiladas off @pinterest and a @ww approved bacon and cheese dip!
  • For years, I’ve always given back with my skills. Offering first responders sessions annually, nominating strong members of our community for a complimentary session, donating a portion of sessions to a great cause, etc.
When your business doors are closed to keep everyone safe - you’re unable to give with your skill anyone and you’re unable give financially. •

But.. ALL OF YOU helped me anyway! I designed a lawn sign for my own lawn, then @denisesmasterpieces wanted one, and then I decided to offer them to my Facebook friends and followers - ALL proceeds went to Luigi O’Gradys in Pearl River to feed the front lines and their families. •
Two 8 hour days personally delivering each sign to your homes - meant so much to me 💙
Thank you for helping me donate $400 so far!
Also - a shoutout to Minuteman Press in Northvale for providing a discount to ensure we could increase our proceed donation!
  • Someone recently told me.. as a business owner, there’s a root reason of WHY you love what you do. For me - it’s never been the actual photography part - it’s HOW delivering photos to my clients make THEM feel that I continue to do what I do.
That same someone then told me that as an entrepreneur if and when you create new business ventures - it’s important to consider that the outcome of that product or service gives you the same WHY.
Nearly 8 weeks ago when COVID closed my business, I struggled attempting to pivot to contactless and virtual services. One I released were Quarantine Lawn Signs.. while it does not replace my previous income, it is providing that WHY. I’ve spent the past week delivering signs and every smile - or tear - is still my WHY.
Now is the time to order for mid-late May and June to ensure it arrives in time. As we adjust to our current situation, we will continue to celebrate how we can 💙
As I lined up our first order this week, I couldn’t help but shed a tear for all of these milestones that aren’t being celebrated as planned... •
  • It's here... ART PRINT SHOP! •
Let me take you away from your couch for a minute..
VIEW / ORDER NOW: Just click the link in my bio! •
- Sunflower Field
- Wildlife Sanctuary - Positano, Rome, Venice, Capri & Civitca, Italy
- Animal Kingdom

10% of proceeds will be donated to a local restaurant to continue offering free meals to healthcare workers & their families. ❤️
  • This girl and I are outside today enjoying the nice weather while it lasts! Working on the curriculum for our round 2 of our 4 week Photography Challenge for Kids! We have 9 kids already signed up - 4 more spots left! •
Want me to virtually take the kids off your hands for 45 mins every Wednesday (and give them a challenge to work on for a few hours each week as well!)
Our welcome challenge goes out Monday so sign up this weekend by sending me a message! $40 for the 4 weeks + only $20 to enroll additional siblings!
Oh yeah and - Sierra says hi! Photo edited with “Squeaky Clean” from SMM mobile presets pack! Link in bio. Use code: “SMILE5” for $5 off ❤️
  • How will you display your family’s story? They grow so fast.. a gallery wall helps you freeze time and hang them in a place you’ll see every day... •
I love to think that hanging and displaying your images is like hanging trophies.. things you are proud of ❤️
While you’re reading this - did a blank wall in your home pop into your mind? It did - didn’t? Shoot me a message and I’ll take it from there for you!
  • Hi there, stop scrolling!
How ya hangin’ in there? •
I’ve got a few reminders for you below that have helped me tremendously this past month...
It’s ok to not be ok.
You may not be able to change what’s happening - but you CAN change how you react to it.
When this whole thing is over and you look back at your life and replay this chapter - what do you want it to show? How do you want this time to define you? Will you come out stronger? Will you waste the extra time you have worrying about how you gained this extra time?
I hope this helps - you’re doing GREAT. ❤️
  • Just a little sneak peek into my FaceTime engagement shoot with @ashley_ley_ley + Nick today! We had to postpone their in-person engagement session and it was so fun hanging out with them “in” their home today! •
These remote sessions have me over the moon! 🌙 I’ve missed hanging with my clients SO MUCH.
Wanna FaceTime and take some portraits together?! Sessions are only $65. Shoot me a message and lets pencil you in! ❤️
  • $25 lawn signs for local drop off :) placing order tonight - ALL PROCEEDS will go to Luigi O’Gradys who is offering free meals to local healthcare, first responders and essential workers and their families DAILY. 💙 message me!
  • HAPPY SUNDAY! (Quick shoutout to those of you who aren’t sure what day it is)
I am LIVING for this sun today! Enjoying the weather before a FaceTime Engagement session with one of my awesome 2021 couples. •
Then, another FaceTime session TOMORROW for an adorable mother/daughter duo!!
Swipe for the BEFORE of this cell phone picture! Edited with “Squeaky Clean” from my Essential Preset pack. Link in bio to purchase! Use code SMILE5 for $5 off 💵